Hunting Binoculars

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Whether you are a hunter, birdwatching addict or just love site seeing, binoculars are something you must own to make these experiences enjoyable. Buying the best binoculars can be an arduous process particularly if one does not have the best information. Some of the best binoculars are the hunting options which are always meant to keep one on target. Visit for more information. For beginners, it is worth to note some of the best features of a good binocular. Below are the top ones.

Top features of the best binoculars

The objective lens

black telescopeThe objective lens is measured in millimeters and indicated as the second number in the binocular description. It allows the light to enter through the binoculars for better clarity. Those with a higher number are better even with low light conditions. At 7×40 binocular means the objective lens of 40 millimeters.

The magnification

In a layman’s language, it is the number of times the binocular will pull objects closer to the eye. As much as people would be tempted to buy the higher magnification power, those with 7 to 10 powers are the best. They provide enough viewing angle and thus better images. Birdwatchers and hunters will do well with those of 7 as it does not lose focus even when objects make a move. It is identified by the first number in binoculars identification number. For instance, the 7×48 binoculars has a magnification power of 7.

Focusing wheels

The lenses are bound to move especially since this is an outdoor device. Therefore, a focusing wheel helps to stabilize both the objective lens and the exit pupil until the viewer can get the best clarity of the object. If the binoculars had a static setting of these lenses, then the binoculars would be rendered useless as soon as it loses the focus.

Exit pupil

man with small telescopeAnother crucial aspect of a binocular to consider is the exit pupil. Just to make you understand better, this is the lens responsible for determining how a binocular will behave in low light conditions. Its power is known by dividing the size of the objective lens with that of the magnifying power. For instance, a binocular or 8×40 will have an exit pupil of 5 mm.

Final word

As a concluding remark, it is worth to mention that binoculars play a great role in various site seeing adventures. Hunters and even soldiers rely on their gun binoculars to get the best shot. As much as there are more sophisticated binoculars nowadays, the above are the main points to consider.

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