If you truly love hip hop music, you should also have an interest in understanding its history and what makes it what it is. Hip hop music is fairly modern considering that it first came up in the 1970s. Its aggressive style has made it a dear to many, thus generating thousands of dollars annually in sales. As much as this music genre enjoys a huge following, most people know very about it. Here are some fascinating facts to know about hip hop music.

Started in the 1970s

dj concert As mentioned earlier, hip hop music began in the 70s. To be precise, most people regard August 11 in the year 1973 as its actual date of birth. It was after a young man known as Cleve Campbell (Hercules) showcased his mastery of the turn table. At the time, everything about hip hop was simple. It is from this performance that hip hop music has earned global recognition.

Origin of the term hip hop

Initially, this music genre is believed to have no name. The term hip hop came into existence when Keith Wiggins, who was an MC of this genre saw it fit to tease a friend who had just joined the army. This was all about mimicking the sound soldiers make when marching. Interestingly, it is from this joke that the name hip hop got into the stage.

It was all about the DJs

Initially, this genre was all about the prowess of the DJ and not the rappers. As such, much of the focus was put on the prowess of the DJs mixing abilities. The second attraction was the break dancing that colored this shows. Rapping became common or a center of attraction in the late 1970s.

Recording was done during live bands

manWhen it all started, a recording was only done during a live event. Rappers lied on the effectiveness of their bands considering that sampling was an expensive technology at that time. It is only in the 80s when a rapper known as Curtis Blow started using sampling, which they became the norm.

It is from this humble beginnings that modern hip hop music rests. It is a reasonably competitive genre with artists looking to settle scores and demonstrate their prowess suing their lyrics. This is evident in the exodus pusha, where hip hop heavyweights Drake and Lil Wayne vowed to take a swipe at Pusha T over his exodus 23:1 “verse.” This just but the beauty of hip hop music.

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