coffee and sugar

If you have grown up knowing only black and white coffee, then it is a high time to explore than that. The world with its diversity and innovation has come up with different types of coffee for people to enjoy. Today, you will be surprised to see the coffee page of a menu full of options. Isn’t coffee just coffee? Indeed it is not! Coffee is one of the hot beverages that can be served in more than ten different varieties. The highlights below will enlighten any starter on various types of coffees they can try.

Different types of coffee drinks


It is a unique type of concentrated coffee which comes in single shot or double. Yes, that is how concentrated it is! The high concentration is as a result of passing very hot water jets through a well-pressed ground coffee for just enough time to get a shot or double. It is usually a base for many other types as we will see. However, most people take it like that especially those who have taken it for a long time.



This is another popular brand of coffee all over the world. Even people who do not use coffee must have come across the terminology. Usually, experts use a single shot of espresso topped up with steamed milk and froth. It is difficult to make a cappuccino without and espresso machine with a milk frother. Today, it is possible to get these machines as home as manufacturers become more innovative.

Café Latte

Café latte means stained milk. Most people who like a mild coffee can go for this beverage. Traditionally, it is served in a big glass cup where a steamed milk is mixed with a single shot of espresso. It originated from North America where people do not go for concentrated coffee. It is also a casual and quick coffee drink to enjoy at any time.


The North Americans also thought of diluting and espresso with hot water from the kettle to make an Americano coffee. So, this is a popular drink with people who prefer no milk or cream on their coffee. One can as much water as the cup can allow or how they like the diluted drink to look like.

Café Mocha

It is common to see people enjoy a combination of coffee and concentrated chocolate. The beauty of this beverage is that they are not all made equal. It depends on how one want it or how a coffee house makes it.

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